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JAHODA Welcome to the non-profit organisation JAHODA!

JAHODA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization which has been supporting children and families in the suburban part of Prague – Černý Most since 1997.

Our main task is:

  • to offer children and young people a friendly and save place to spend their free time in an enjoyable and meaningful way
  • to help them encounter difficult life situations, face various problems and conflicts
  • to support their personal growth and development
  • to prevent dangers and risks they can come across

JAHODA offers four programs:

  • Club Jahoda for younger kids and teenagers
  • Club Džagoda for teenagers
  • Club Jahůdka family center
  • Streetwork
  • Private nursery school Jahoda


The Club is open for all children at age between 6 to 14 who spend their leisure time mostly in the anonymous Prague´s area of Černý Most. During three afternoons in the week they are offered a save and cosy place for various free time activities – sports, arts or just making their own ideas come true and having fun. Jahoda Club is a place where they can share their happiness and worries with each other, as well as with a professional team of social workers, in cooperation with our well-trained volunteers.

We welcome everyone who needs help or is just looking for some friends and doesn´t want to hang around on the streets!

The entry and programm is free of charge, just come in and enjoy yourself!


The aim of the program is to enable children and youth at age of 13 to 26 to spend their free time in an enjoyable way, to support their personal development and together with that lower the risk of becoming a criminal or an addict.

The program contributes to improvement of living conditions in the anonymous Prague’s housing estate Černý Most, where young people do not have sufficient background to spend their free time.

We are available three afternoons a week, ready to listen to the worries and problems, to give a hand or just have fun together e.g. by playing music, doing sport, being creative in our art workshops or expressing yourself in our discussion group. We also organize weekend- or longer trips outside Prague focused on gaining new experience through teambuilding in- and outdoor activities.

JAHŮDKA family center

Family center Jahůdka offers events, workshops, courses and other activities for parents and their kids. There is babysitting for children from the age of 1 year, a large and fully-equipped playroom and also info point for people in need, courses, workshops, free-time activities and much more.

What we offer:

  • babysitting in the mornings and also at night
  • a large, well-equipped playroom with a kitchen
  • open family club
  • fun events for families
  • PC with internet connection
  • courses, workshops, lectures
  • help with social, legal and financial problems, individual help, parental/motherhood help, job club
  • a venue for birthday celebrations

Our services are free of charge / for a small fee


An important part of our activities is also social work with teenagers in our surroundings of Prague – Černý Most. We offer help or advice anonymously and free of charge, young people in need can meet our experienced social workers at different places of the residential area four days a week.

Private nursery school Jahoda

  • for children from 2 to 7 years
  • open from 7am to 6 pm
  • fee: 6 000 CZK / month
  • friendly and cosy atmosphere with young, motivated teachers
  • school educational program Starting together (certified by the Czech ministry for education)
  • above-standard English lessons (WattsEnglish), leisure time activities, swimming, babysitting over night
  • international environment with support for non-Czech families including Czech language lessons for kids
  • and much more...

You can also join us and help!

  • By sending a donation to our bank account - number 246139504/0300
  • By becoming a partner of us – any help in form of your services, know-how, experience or other non-financial donation means a lot to us
  • By spreading out the information about us – download our logo and show it on your website
  • By organizing a beneficial event in favour of Jahoda– a performance, concert, festival, competition ..there are no limits for your fantasy
  • By becoming a volunteer. Get involved actively and have fun with the kids.

Thank you

For further information, don´t hesitate to contact us on:

Vybíralova 969/2
198 00 Praha 9
tel. + 420 281 916 352
email: info@jahoda.cz

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